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How can I improve my social media?

From a business perspective, whilst we can't - and likely won't - forget that we are on social media to try and attract new clients, we have to consider how it is that we do that through the content of our posts.

You really should be ensuring that you and your brand come across consistently on your social media in the following ways:

First, where possible, use the same identifying information across your accounts - that is your name, your profile photo and your bio.

If possible, try to keep your URL slug the same too, which is the last part of the address eg /clairescottdigital. You can think about this - or later change this - when setting up your accounts as it's also (usually) your name or 'handle'.

This means that people can find you easier and when they do, they know it's you. Simple as that.

Second, make sure that what you post on your business social media accounts truly represents you and your business.

It doesn't need to be purely about promotion or information, but sharing pictures of your pets or your random weekend trip away should be used sparingly.

If you want to do that, that's fine, and the upside is it can help connect you on a more personal level with your followers - if they happen to like those things too.

But essentially, most people follow you on your business profile to find out about you and your business, so you should have the majority of your posts reflecting that.

Third, make sure that you are cross-referencing your other platforms to help guide people from one to the other.

This has to be done quite cleverly because generally, the algorithms behind the platforms want to keep you on theirs, so those posts with external links don't always go down as well.

But if you have space in your bio or within the framework of your profile (which there usually is), then make sure you link to your other accounts and especially to your website.

I've written already about the importance of having a website and how it is your best information destination, so if you haven't seen that yet, check out my other blog post, 'Do I still need a website for my business these days?'.

It's also worth noting that, according to Sprout Social, being responsive on social media is the number one reason why consumers buy from a brand, over things like offering promotions or sharing exclusive content.

So check out those DM or direct message inboxes and reply and acknowledge when people bother to leave you a comment or post - not just to influence the algorithm, but because it's actually a decent thing to do!

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