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Wix Website Refresh

Many people find it suits them to design their own website when they start up.


Sometimes this is for financial reasons, to retain creative control, or simply because the adverts on TV make it look really easy...!

However, I am often contacted by people who either give up halfway through in frustration or - after settling for what they have managed to create - decide several months later it's just not up to scratch. 

My 'website refresh' service adds some much-needed sparkle to outdated and under-performing Wix websites.


Could your website be better?

You can see some of my transformations below...

new website gorgeous gourds.png
Claire Scott Digital Wix Website Refresh

Gorgeous Gourds

Claire has been friendly and professional, with a great eye for detail. She kept me informed from the start of all procedures and delivered on time.

I would highly recommend Claire for all your website needs.

Amanda Rutland

The Website Refresh Package

A website refresh can include amending individual elements or pages, a full website overhaul, or adding on features such as a booking system, blog or shop.

As such, I offer bespoke quotes for each project, which is determined following a look at the existing site and a discovery call with the client.

Please do get in touch so we can discuss your individual requirements.

If you would like to incorporate graphic design elements such as a new logo, brochure or business card, click to find out more about The Complete Package.

Ready to chat?

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