Website creation

I create bespoke websites using Wix, which offers a vast range of customisable options - both in terms of design and functionality - some of which can be seen below.

I can either use your existing Wix plan to update your current site, or set up and create one from scratch.

You can choose from either a standard 4 page website or an e-commerce one (to sell products).

Why Wix?



Create a look that matches your brand and vision


Helping you to build a subscriber list for email marketing


So your website looks professional and works well on desktop AND mobile


Develop your site by including contact forms, bookings, blogging and more



To help you get found on Google


Use your free personalised domain or connect to an existing one

For more information about Wix and what it has to offer, please do get in touch.  Or you can visit their website directly.

Or to view examples of my previous designs, head over to the Clients page.

Social media

I can help you improve your social media presence by creating content for you to post, for example, creating digital flyers to advertise products/services/classes/events.


The posts will be optimised for the intended platform (ie square for Instagram) and once sent, you can then upload these to your accounts as and when you choose.


Examples of these can be found on the Portfolio page.

Digital flyers

I can create bespoke digital flyers to help promote your business, classes, events and promotions.

They are optimised in size and quality for both social media and print (up to A4).

Examples of my work can be found on the Portfolio page.

Logo design

I can design a logo for you to use digitally (on your website or social media platforms) and in print.

Examples of my previous logo designs can be found on the Portfolio page.


I specialise in working with small business owners who are keen to explore digital marketing solutions, but don't necessarily feel they can afford to.


I will work to help you find the most effective yet affordable package of services. For example, you may want me to create a website for you, but you already have social media up and running. Or you may want me to focus only on designing a logo or a brochure for you.

I have found that working in this way - on a flexible, one-to-one basis - helps support individuals who may not have an extensive budget for digital marketing but still want to access my services.


Whatever your needs, do get in touch and we can talk it through.

I will always endeavour to be as transparent as possible in invoicing you for my work ahead of completion so that both parties are in agreement as to how long each service may take and therefore, how much it will cost.

If you're interested but a little unsure, perhaps about pricing, then please do contact me and I can send you my full pricing and services brochure.